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Alternative for Windows Steady State Reboot Restore Rx






   Finally a Better FREE Alternative for Windows SteadyState   


SteadyState is gone! Is there a SteadyState replacement for Windows 7 & Windows 8?



Microsoft Corporation used to offer a free utility to reset public access computers back to an administrator-defined baseline to quickly undo any changes made by users. Microsoft introduced its Shared Computing Toolkit back in 2005 for Windows XP which was renamed SteadyState for Windows Vista. Unfortunately, Windows SteadyState was discontinued in 2010 and has been unavailable for Windows 7 and now Windows 8. Many former SteadyState users with multi-user PC environmnts -- schools, libraries, kiosks, universities, airports, hotels, community centers, community centers, and conference centers -- have been casting about for a free alternative.  But loyal SteadyState users needn't fret because now there's a free Windows Steady State replacement that's fully Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible.

We here at Horizon DataSys understand that a lot of these 501(c)3s shared computing environments don't have a lot of money and work on shoestring budgets. So we developed a free instant restore utility with powerful restoration functionality than most commercially available solutions.



Reboot Restore Rx is the free replacement for SteadyState



There are many commercial products out there but only one free utility that's even quicker and more effective than SteadyState and avoids all the endless hassles involved with setting up and defining Group Policies, Active Directory, Windows Server Update Services, etc.. Reboot Restore Rx can update the baseline to which the machine continually returns with a single button. Reboot Restore Rx uses a completely new patented technology of sector-mapping that takes up less than one percent of the harddrive. Once the machine has been rebooted the next public user is presented with a fresh setup with the entire contents of your harddrive are returned to.

The biggest headache with SteadyState and its many commercial alternatives is their inability to make real-time updates. They usually require multiple reboots in order to do updates to the baseline. Reboot Restore Rx can update the baseline instantly with a single click. The set restore point can painlessly be moved forward to incorporate the latest Windows and program updates. So public users are free to hack the registry, download viruses, change the background -- it really doesn't matter what they do in Windows -- and the computer will return to the baseline once it's restarted. Students or library patrons may leave behind sensitive information on the public machines -- by using Facebook or signing into their bank account - and the next user may be able to access this information. But with Reboot Restore Rx all trace of any such data is cleared from the cache and all cookies and wiped clean.



Winner of Tech & Learning: Best product of 2013

Until recently, there were only commercial products available that would provide the basics requirements of what Steady State had offered. Thankfully, a technology leader, Horizon DataSys, has stepped in to fill the void left behind by Windows SteadyState and commercial alternative such as Deep Freeze.

Online Review by Tekzilla 

Reboot Restore Rx does one thing and one thing extremely well - a complete system restore on every reboot. Any files you've deleted, or icons that were moved, all are restored to the way you set it originally. If kids wreak havoc on the system - no problem! Reboot, Restore and relax.



Drive Vaccine is a more Comprehensive SteadyState Alternative


 FBut if your IT environment requires the machine to reset on logoff, at the end of the day, at a set time of the day, after a period of inactivity, etc. then you may want to look at Drive Vaccine.

There are many commercial solutions available that are considered more advanced Steadystate alternatives.  A good example would be a commercial alternative such as Deep Freeze or Drive Vaccine.  However, if your IT environment requires workstations to reset on logoff, at the end of the day, at a set time of the day, after a period of inactivity, etc. then you may want to look at Drive Vaccine.

For network managers looking to streamline their IT operations, ensure maximum up-time for students, and to prevent and quickly resolve incidents, it's a must to have a restore-on-reboot software in place. Drive Vaccine is the premier product in this category, offering the most robust recovery capability. Drive Vaccine greatly reduces support tickets and the turn-over time from when a servicedesk ticket is submitted and the IT agents have successfully resolved by allowing administrators to remotely reset machines. Drive Vaccine offers many enhancements over and above what was available in SteadyState:    FEn


 Enterprise-level central management console which allows you to control the workstations on your network

 The ability to restrore on reboot, log-off, on any fixed schedule or after a period of inactivity

ddddmmmmccEasy deployment through imaging, Dell KASE, and Microsoft SCCM


If you're a 501(c)3 and were a user of SteadyState we would welcome you to contact us to find out more about our special Non-Profit pricing.  Furthermore, you may also contact our partner TechSoup to receive special pricing on Horizon DataSys products.