Product Activation

RollBack Rx contains software-based product activation technology, which means you need to activate your copy of RollBack Rx in order to use it permanently. You must activate your RollBack Rx installations in order to authenticate its license.
Note: If you can not boot into Windows - you will need to Manually activate RollBack Rx (see below). In this situation, you will need to activate RollBack Rx from the subconsole (the mini OS that boots prior to Windows). You can do this by pressing the HOME key when you see the RollBack Rx splash screen, prior to the Windows boot splash screen. Then follow the Manual activation procedures below

Activate Rollback Rx Over The Internet

If your computer is connected to Internet, you can easily activate RollBack Rx over the Internet connection.  It is recommeded that you suspend or disable any anti-virus and firewall software that may already be on your PC's prior to attempting to activate RollBack Rx via the Internet.  In some cases these security applications prevent our software from accessing our activation servers; which is required for the internet based activation.

  1. Upon the purchase of RollBack Rx, you will receive an authorized Product ID from Horizon DataSys. You can then install RollBack Rx with the authorized Product ID and then activate it, or if you already have a demo version of RollBack Rx installed, you may activate the demo install with the authorized Product ID without having to uninstall and reinstall the application.
  2. To activate RollBack Rx over Internet connection, Right click the RollBack Rx system tray icon and select ABOUT from the popup menu. Click on the Activate button on the ABOUT Window. Select "Activate RollBack Rx over Internet connection", click on Next.


The computer will need to restart to complete the activation process.

* You can only authorize a set number of computers by using one Product ID.

Activate Rollback Rx Without an Internet Connection

If your computer does not have an Internet connection, you need to manually activate RollBack Rx.

  1. To manually register RollBack Rx, Right click the RollBack Rx system tray icon and select ABOUT from the popup menu. Click on the REGISTER button on the ABOUT Window. Select "Activate RollBack Rx without Internet connection", click on Next.
  2. On the Product Activation Window, you will see a Product ID and a Registration ID, copy those two IDs and send them to Horizon DataSys Tech support by support ticket ( or by fax request.
  3. Horizon DataSys Tech Support will reply to you with a Registration Code based on the Product ID and Registration ID you provided.
  4. You need to copy and paste the Registration Code into the Registration Code dialog box on the Register windows and then on Activate button.


You can also view our video tutorial on this topic:

If you have any questions or face difficulties please submit a support ticket through this support portal.